Apologies and Unhappiness.

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

Hey you guys, I'm so sorry. I've not really been posting for how many months now? 2 or 3? but it's not like anyone reads my blog. 
(It's just, I came back from France and I just couldn't be bothered anymore.) 

I'll try to write as much as I can from now on.

Anyway, the reason why I even blogged today is because I'm just a little bit irritated and slightly disappointed with my friend.

I asked her to come round to my house today and she said she could, but I'd have to wait until her mum comes back from where ever she went to, so I said "okay, sure no problem :)"
But 3 hours later she still hadn't replied back so I texted her say asking if her mum was back, and she said she was back and that's what got me disappointed.

 I mean, I think she was slightly hesitant to come round, but she still accepted my offer and she told me to wait which I did but if she didn't want to come she should have refused right then, I wouldn't mind, I mean I'd be disappointed about it but i'd be less disappointed than finding out that her mum had already been back and she hadn't asked her if she could come round and then making a blatent excuse of helping her mum with her work. 

I might just totally be off my rockers though and she really may have helping her mum but i can't help but to think that she really didnt want to come round because she could have made a more believable excuse of texting me before I texted her about her mum, saying that her mum was back and that she needed help. 


I don't really want to be in a foul mood with her, cos it's no secret to her (i think) that whenever she pisses me off, I ignore her. & there have been moments where I get really really annoyed but I've never been the type to hold grudges (because I've been diagnosed with really minor amnesia) so the next day, or in a few hours I start being okay again,
ARRRRGHH! I don't know what point i'm trying to prove.

All i'm trying to say is, I which she was more straight up with me.  

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