Barrio Fiesta 2011.

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Omg! Haha, yesterday I went to Barrio Fiesta 2011 in Hounslow London. It was amazing, let me tell you that.
I went with Michael Kent and Nayona Duncil baby, and we almost got lost! haha!
Here's our journey...

Basically, Picadilly Line was closed so we had to take alternative routes to get there It was either going to Shepherd's Bush and take a replacement bus to Hounslow or to Ealing West and then take a replacement so instead of following the rules we decided to go to Bank take the Nothern Line down to London Bridge then take the Jubilee Line to Waterloo to finally take the railway down to friggen Twickenham! Pahaha! It was so hilarious though because all the stairs that we had to go up in Michael couldn't because his jeans were designed to to fit but it would hang low so he basically couldn't spread his legs out far so he has to skip up them swearing, LOL'

We arrived at Hounslow anyway though but then we had to find out our way to Lampton Park because that's where it was held and we were just totally lost and we kept walking round in circles but finally we found Venessa Chung, my little baby haha, so she led us there.

Seriously there were so so so many people there and so many food, but i didn't have any money -.- Great but I got someone to buy me Halo-Halo which is my favourite! muwahahaa.

So much shit to talk about but seriously It's too long and I can't really be bothered to write alot today.
So let me just give you a little over view ...

We met lots of people and Michael and Meryl (who is Michael's full filipina blood American model whose staying for 4 months in London) ended up at the beet tent singing on the karaoke and getting drunk as per usual LOL' and Nayona, Venessa and I were going round meeting lots of people! Hehehe :D I love gala-galaing. I met Jazzie Dator who finally delivered the bracelet she got me and let me tell you, I love it! and Maggy, Rochelle, Roxanne, Roxie, Brooklyn and so many people No kidding. When we went home so much funny shit happened swear down. HAHA.
Blah Blah Blah Blah.....


I'm just going to put pictures up now.

in the beer tent where michael wanted to sing the karaoke haha. From left to right, Meryl, Nayona, Me and Venessa.


The picture's are still not uploaded from Nayona's camera and so I will post them on when they do come.

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