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I'm watching this drama and the main guy is so fxcking sexy. You have no idea how in love I am at this moment in time. Here are just GIF's (moving pictures... so very like Harry Potter >.<) that I want to share with all of you because I want you to see how fucking sexy he is.

I lalalalove guys with a gun. They look sexy and the dangerous factor makes it more exciting! :D whoo!

You may not be able to see, because it might be too fast but on this GIF bad guys are outside his bedroom and trying to kill him while he's asleep but someone clicked their gun to load the bullets and he heard it, so we woke up and protected his butler type thing. Which is skills, if you ask me.

I just literally watched this, like 45 minutes ago. She stayed round his house because he took her out for joy riding and it suddenly rained so they got wet and he offered for her to come round his to stay the night and get herself fixed up and while she was watching t.v she fell asleep and he found her sleeping, but she was frowning in her sleep so he smoothed it because he didn't want to see her like that (by this time, he had fallen for her)

Last GIF of the day! In this one, he's living in her house because of circumstances that I can't be bothered to explain. So anyway, while He was watching t.v and munching on snacks NaNa came out of the shower and he saw her, that's why he was staring (he had already fallen for her in this part aswell) and they made eye contact so he hid behind the snack. HAHA so cute :D


Hope you enjoy the GIFS. 


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