Hangin' Around

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

Hey guys!
Nothing really that major happened today. I went to town with Ira, Nayona, Jasper, Dexter and Michael just hanging around at Central Park.
We had talks and Michael was being overly gay as usual but he's hilarious and very shameless so it's all good :)

On my way to meet them, I went to this shop called "Oishi". It's this japanase/asian shop where you can buy asian food so I bought my favourite drink, Soya Drink with Tapioca pearls, and also this Filipino snack called Ding Dong.
Haha, Philippines so is creative when it comes to naming snacks :D

So, I met them at the Odeon and we kinda seperated because Michael wanted to go to O2 for something so Ira went with him and Jasper/Dexter went to Poundland to buy a drink and I went with Nayona so she could buy a top for tomorrow.
We went to Republic and bought this white, long top thats all cut up and it says at the front "your boyfriend gave me this top" I loved it was so cute! I jokingly asked Nayona if she could buy me the top aswell and to my surprise she said yes! HAHA. So I got the same top as her :) I'll post a picture of it soon.

Anyway, Tomorrow I'm going to see them aswell as Michael's got this BBQ-do thing at his house so were going there.

I'll post more later perhaps.




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StrawberryCaramel 07/30/2011 14:42

sorry, I've posted quite a few up now :)

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