Happy Birthday Indeed :)

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Today was my birthday :) .. or still is my birthday since i still have a few hours left hehe. 
Thank you so much everyone, i love you all.
Love my best friends, Kirstie :)
Thank you for all the presents, I really loved them hehe.
Cannot wait for the weekend to come :) I want to go to Westfields

I received the first 8 presents from the 16 presents we got eachother, from Kirstie.
I received:

  • Ed Hardy Perfume
  • Box of earring
  • Box of Bracelets
  • Box of rings (with more earrings)
  • Photo Album
  • Gilet (which, I cannot believe she got me, because they were fucking expensive.)
  • Photo Album
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Seriously love them :) hehe. Serious mahussive THANK YOU to Kirstie. I love you so much :) <3 

Thank you to everyone who greeted me, hehe :) Today has been good.
Thank you for my mum who gave me a reeeally nice ring and £150 :)
Thank you to my wife, Ira who gave me £20 ;) brings up my birthday money hehe. 

 Thank you to John i suppose as he payed for our din-dins and maybe contributed to the money?

Thank you for my lil' brother Adam for giving me £2.

Today has been an overall good day. Now for a whole nother year! :D 

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