I'm back.

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Hey, so I arrived from Norway last night. I had fun. Mostly stayed at home and ate lots of food. The food was amazing haha.
I really wanted to take lots of pictures of the surroundings and the landscape and stuff but I didn't really have a good enough camera. I want to buy one of those big camera with those massive lenses.
Anyway, I thought I'd show you my bleached hair. I'm going to colour it black soon.

I personally love the colour the of my nails in this picture but hate the colour of my hair. Maybe it will go with someone else's skin colour, but I don't think it does on mine.


LOL JK. MEERRONGGG~! don't always believe what everyone says.
Okay, blog next time.
I'm going to Nice, France on Sunday and I'll try to take lots of picture, if I can and post them on.

Oh yeah, I logged on to my blog and I was so sad but My Blog ranked number 303rd on the rank page! I'm actually so sad about that. I had like rank 200 and something before.
Oh well, I'm going to work hard and get it into the Top 100 rank. Just you wait.

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kpoplover 08/18/2011 15:04

OMG! yourrr hair! :O :O