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Ah my god. The weather has been no jokes today. Even now, as I'm writing this blog, the temperature will not cease to increase. It was like 32 degrees celsius today! So much more than yesterdays! 


8 or 9 years ago, I would have been used to this manic heat but I've lived in England for so long that I no longer know how to tolerate high temperatures. This is one thing I hate about moving to England. It's not that I don't like living it England, hell I love it! but spending so much time here made me forget my past and I don't like that. I forgot how to speak fluently in Visaya (although I can understand) and I forgot all my friend and family relationships in Philippines. Oh well, I'm thankful for living here, because then I would never have been able to be friends with the people now like Kirstie (her blog) and I appreciate that so much


Anyway, I'm boiling. Even in this heat I can even manage to write a blog -.- I must have no life. Oh yeah, tomorrow's non-uniform day so whoo! I think I'll be wearing a dress. Depends how the weather turn out. 

Seriously, I'm not complaining or anything but can't mother nature turn the heater down a bit? ... I'm not complaining or anything. 


Ahh! I'm babbling! This is the heats fault. I'm going to go... but enjoy this GIF :) From now on, I'll post GIF's of City Hunter until the drama is finished. 


In this GIF, his "dad" found out that he loved her so he threatened to harm her if he didn't start getting revenge and killing the political people, so he decided that he should never see NaNa (the girl in the picture) again to protect her... but he couldn't just leave without checking up on her so he came back to her and she was all crying because she didn't where he went and she was worried so he grabbed her and kissed her AND (I thought the following gesture was so cute because normally, after every kiss scene it would be really awkward cause they kissed and didn't know what else to do but on this one...) he hugged NaNa (the top of her head literally just touched his chin... PERFECT HEIGHT) and told her that she should take care of herself and lock the doors etc...

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