Michael's BBQ-do.

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Hi, Sorry that I haven't been blogging much but I just felt so lazy for the past few days, you know?


Right, well wednesday was really funny. Michael and I met up with Ira in town so we could walk to his house which was in Melbourne which is way far! God Damnit because his mum's cousin from Sweden or something came round so they held a BBQ party.

Michael's friends Allane and Marvin came aswell all the way from Colchester and Marvin was quite cute haha. I've been talking to him since wednesday but it's not like that. More like friends haha :) He's cute.

Lot's of things happened on wednesday, just can't remember most of them. I remember when were in the garden, and we drank juice and ate BBQ but in the middle of Monopoly was it? Marvin and Allane had to go because Allane had to go work, so it was just Nayona, Ira, Connor, Michael, Jasper, Dexter and I and we drank more juice LOL and then I remember rolling around the grass with Ira and Ira was shouting at Nayona because she wanted her camera and then the next thing I knew I heard a THUMP! and Ira was shouting at Nayona going "OWW what the hell did you throw at me?!!" and Nayona goes "Oh! sorry that was the camera" and I just remembered laughing so much at the time.

I don't know what happened in between but I remember doing the karaoke and I remember going upstairs to Michael's closet of a room haha, and I went out to the bathroom and when I came back I got ambushed and held upside down by Nayona's boyfriend, Connor while being spray tanned on the legs by Michael!

Argh, my memories a blur! Here a few pictures.



This is a bit embarassing but I thought It was funny. We were planking on the way home and I thought it was funny because I DO NOT remember doing this. I was like... what?! when I saw this hahaa.


What we normally do when we meet up and taking pictures .... Not. Hahaa. I like grim but oh well.

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