New change.

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

I've decided starting from tomorrow I'm going to undergo a new change. A new, better, slimmer, fitter me!

Every morning, I'm going to wake up really early and go for a morning jog. Even if it's just for 30 minutes. As I get used to it I will gradually lengthen the time. As with every aspiration there needs to be a goal, so for my goal it's... Clothes!!

If I want to look and feel better I need to start slimming down for it. I will also try to eat as healthily as I can possible and avoid eating the bad stuffs. I won't try to stop myself from eating because I've found that it's impossible with me so that's why I'm jogging to cancel out my fattening habits. well, really it's actually a habit cause I need to eat to live.


Yay ... Can't wait! I aspire to have a slimmer and fitter body!!

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