Off to see the Norwegians...

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

Today was quite tiring for me, well the morning was anyway. Last night I stayed up quite late to get my clothes ready for today so I can pack them in my suitcase and so when I woke up, my mum wanted me to go to town to buy my aunt a hair accessory or something for this party there, so I dropped Adam to his friends and walked all the way to town, which took about 30 minutes both way, though it took longer on the way back cause I had to stop at a friends and drop her camera over. I went to Claire's and bought three hair accessories so she could choose between them. They were on flowers. One in pink, one in cream and the other in white.

After buying them, I went straight home but on the way I stopped at McDonald's to buy my brother and I lunch. After so much time of walking, I thought my legs were going to literally fall of, we got home and literally muched our McDonald's now. I had a 'Big Mac' and my brother had 'Happy Meal Cheeseburger'. My brother was so hungry he literally swallowed the burger down, looking at him I felt bad and gave him the rest of my burger and my chips.

After all that I went and watched The Graham Norton Show on Youtube and it was pretty hilarious and interesting. I'll do a recomendation of this show maybe later on when I have time cause I'm preparing still for Norway.

Right now, I'm painting my nails a blue-y, green-y pastel colour.


You can't really see from the camera quality but it's lighter and more pastel colour. It's the 045 Misty Jade from Rimmel London, Lasting Finish Collection.


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