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I'm not kidding when I say that I think I've broken my tail bone. I did an event for sports day today, I did Long Jump, and I came 3rd, but getting that position, I had to sacrifice almost something I do every day of my life, and that is sitting down! I cannot sit down in a comfortable position without having an excruciating pain sear through my rear -.- 

How did this happen you ask? Well when I went to have my go, of jumping the pit, I landed BAM on the sand pit and skidded and I have to say, as soon as I stood up "MOTHERFUCK" was all that crossed my mind, but I had to pretend that I was okey because college guys were assesing us and so when I casually brushed myself free of the sand, in my head I was cursing the bloody event along with the bloody sand to the depths of fucking hell. 

I have never been in more pain. I may have seemed okey but I really was not. I think I could be an Oscar-fucking-winner! 



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