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So yesterday Kirstie came round mine to help me with my art project and she offered to lend me her hair. 

This is the story of how she became my hair model :)
Basically, my art project is based on Poseidon and since Poseidon was the Greek God of the Sea I wanted to interpret the sea and it's waves into my final piece. In the end, I drew myself with long, wavy blue hair. It was all going good when my art teacher wanted me to take photographs of my hair, similar to my final piece. I immediately thought... "Oh shit" I could never do that since my hair is so damn short so long story short, I asked Kirstie to model the hair for me and here's how it came out.

I had to edit the hair because my art teacher wanted it to be blue so it would match my final piece. 

I took so many pictures of Kirstie and I'm so proud of them. Here are a few pictures of her... 

This is my favorite picture out of all the ones I took. Kirstie's sister Eilidh said she really liked it too :) I am a genius. 


There were so many more, but that's it for now. I'll post a picture of my final piece as well, once it's completed. I'm basically finished. Just need to do the eyebrows. Hope you like it :) 

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vintage-pink 07/14/2011 18:12

I'm still majorly impressed with your edits!