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I woke up this morning and realised something. What I realised wasn't anything good or sentimental but It made me feel depressed.
You know yesterday, when I went on about having bought lots of clothes. Well it turns out that I have not! All I really bought were two tops, cardigan and shoes. WHAT kind of holiday clothes is that?! NO kind of holiday clothes.

I want to go shopping more and buy more clothes but my mum said were broke. Damn it. Why now?!

And to make it worse, SALE in town is finished. I am so depressed like, literally and I have to buy a dress for a party in Norway, but my mum won't give me the money for that.

Ah! Life is so unfair.

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Karoline 08/05/2011 16:34

Hey Ash!!!
BAd Newz... T-T
I know we where supposed to go to rex and ozzy but i wanna stay home i am tired... i wonder if thats ok????

Srry Rough Holiday

StrawberryCaramel 08/06/2011 22:30

ahaha yes, that's okay :) I'm going to be really tired when I go there and I don't want to travel that far :) Can't wait to see you on tuesday :)