Study Leave

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

So we had another study leave today, for another science exam, which I think I failed by the way, as the following paragraph will explain to you. 


Right, so Kirstie (her blog) came round mine again, in the morning and we had such an eventful morning. We went to Sainsbury's in heels to go get our lunch and we looked so cool. 
THEN, we went home and chose my wallpaper for my future room and chose our locket that were going to buy eachother.

I absolutely love it :) 

ANOTHER thing that we did on our study leave, notice the bolded words, because that is NOT  what we did! 
We took a nap for goodness sakes! Allow it fam >.<


Ahh, what a very eventful day and to sum up how I did in the exam ... "FAILED" I think would be the right word.
Hope everyone else did a goof job :) 

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