Sun, Sea and Shopping.

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

So, tomorrow will be the day we leave for France. Were going right to the very bottom corner of France to a place called Nice which is right near the Mediterannian Sea!

I cannot wait mostly because I want to go shopping and because of the snacks you get there. Hahah. Yeah I'm so healthy. NOT.

Anyway, packing right now but my mum's slightly testing my nerves. I think the way she treats me now will either make or break the holiday. Cause I can ruin this holiday and not participate in anything just like last year, or I can be excited about it and try to break the burden.

I have no idea if this post made any sense at all and i'm not going to proof read it either.
I'll just make amends when I come back from holiday. Right. I'm off to continue packing so Arrivederci.

And see you all again in 10 days. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can :)

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