Sweetpea & Willow.

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I don't really know how I found it, but I was browing around and I

Scratch that. I do know how I found this site. I was writing a story last night, I won't go into detail, but I was finding out how you spell chaise longue (that is the correct spelling) and then this link just came onto google and I clicked on it, and it came to this adorable little website called "Sweetpea & Willow" it sells really cute vintage french-style furnitures and they all look amazing.



This is a "Cream French Carved Armoire". It's made of mahogany and is hand carved in a cream distressed finish. This seriously looks beautiful. I love it. I'm really into french styled furnitures and this website is absolutely perfect for me.


They do amazing beds and chandeliers and I think I might be about to faint. Kirstie and I have decided that we will furnish our apartment with Sweetpea & Willow furnitures. I cannot wait. Our apartment will be amazing.

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