There is something wrong with me...

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

Looking back at all the posts I've made, I have to say, I actually say the most cringiest things alive! "I aspire to have a slimmer, fitter body!!" .... I mean who says  that?! ... ME apparently.

One thing I noticed about myself when I write blogs is that I never proof read so I end up with a post with all broken up sentences! Like, I say it all really quickly in my head while I'm typing but I miss out a word when I type and it all just comes crashing down.
I mean, I hate hate hate when I'm reading something and people have the wrong grammar or the sentence doesn't make sense... but I do it alot. So If I get annoyed at people who do that, think how annoyed I am to myself!
Really, I never knew I was so hypocritical. Don't worry, I am now in the process of fixing it.
   One thing though that I'm really good with and I'm not hypocritical about is spelling! If I say so myself I am pretty good at that. Though of course I would occasionally, purposely make spelling mistakes, but that's for impact for all you non-reader's out there, who I think are reading my blog.

Yawn, I'm tired. will settle down. Need to go jogging in the morning. After progress I'll save money and go shopping fam!



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