Touring Around London.

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Right, so you remember when I said that my cousin's from America were coming on Thursday? Well today, we went touring around London. We first went to the Tower of London, which I've been to a thousand times, and took pictures of the historic building.

There was this performance out in the grounds that the staff put up but I didn't really know what it was about. I only took the picture because the tent's were colourful and very circus-like.


We wanted to only go because Tita Pinkie wanted to see the crown jewels, but the queue was so long so we didn't go. Then, we went to westminster abbey so we could meet Egan's cousin Angel and we walked to this chinese restaurant in front of the London Eye called ZEN, I think it was.  It was so nice, I ordered Beef in Oyster sauce but I had a bit off of everyone's order, we basically shared it around. It was so nice but so freaking expensive. The bill came to £160. Holy Shit.


We then went home but even though it sounded like we didn't go anywhere, It was actually so tiring. You have no idea.

This is a picture of the Tower of London. It looks strong and grand. The brick/cobblestones make it look so vintage and very Tudor Timely. I'm sure the description of this picture would have been more detailed and exciting if it weren't for the fact that I've been here a million times and I no longer find it interesting, with the exception of the Crown Jewels.

Let me introduce you. This is the Marriott Hotel, it's right infront of the London eye and it's a five star hotel. I will be having the pleasure of staying in this wonderous resort(?) on December as it is my best friend's birthday, Kirstie!
We are both so excited for it :) I am very thankful for them and I feel so lucky.
Thank you hunny :) <3

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