Wedding and Camelot

Published on by StrawberryCaramel

HOLY! Tomorrow, there's a wedding that I've been invited to. It's my friends mum and her boyfriend. He proposed to her at Christmas last year, and they will be celebrating their wedding tomorrow. They will also have a wedding in Philippines towards Christmas time. How lucky! 


"I hope they will share a wonderful life together and let tomorrow mark the first day of their married life, happy and content." God bless, n'awwww ;')



Another announcement! Tomorrow, Camelot the television series is going to air here in England and I can not wait. The cast is absolutely amazing. There's someone who's featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and will be featured in Part 2, someone who acted out Vesper in Casino Royale and someone in The Golden Compass and a few others who have featured in Doctor Who with David Tenant. I cannot wait! :'D


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