Wedding Tears and Parties!

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As you all probably know, I went to attend a wedding ceremony yesterday. The actual ceremony where they say their vows was at 12 noon yesterday and it only lasted for about 1 hour? They did it in a registry office and apparently it doesn't take very long there as oppose to doing it in an actualy church with an actual priest. I'd prefer to do it the long way though. 

It rained once the ceremony was over but I was so hungry so I went to this shop in the market called "Lek's Thai Food" and obviously you know, from the name, that they sell thai food. I bought: 1 Pad Thai, 2 Crab Claws, 2 Vegetable Spring Rolls and 4 Satay chicken :). NOM NOM NOM. 

Anyways, we went home to rest for a little while because the reception party wasn't until 6:30 in the evening. My mum and her friend were re-touching up their hair and make up and I painted my nails with these REALLY awesome really-thin-tipped nail varnish set that the make up styler had. Now, my fingers feel sexy all the time. TROLOLS. 


The party: We were all alocated a table and in my table there were Me, Nayona, Ira, Chris (her boyfriend), Jasper, Dexter, Karl and Nanay. People would get food one table at a time and we were table number 4, so we didn't have to wait long but I do feel sorry for table number 12. Hahaa! Anwyays, while we ate we got "serenaded" by singers, and they were all amazing and then they people went up to the front and said little speeches. I cried. So much. It was so touching and everyone started crying and n'aww. 

Congratulation Ate Angie and Uncle Wolfie. Have a Happy Married Life. 


After the crying and smiles. Music came on! Whooo! My feet Killed cause I've been dancing and standing round! Everyone came and said that they liked my heels. I was like, "Whooo! ... it's not really mine >.< It's Kirstie's (" and they were likee, aww. 

Thanks for letting me borrow it ;') 


Anyways, it's the next day now, and no one's awake and Kirstie won't reply to my text. :'( 

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