WiFi & Hot Guy.

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I am so chuffed right now. Just a few minutes ago I found out that I've got wifi. YAY let's celebrate right now.
Well so brief description.

We arrived in Stansted Duty Free after a long queue at the baggage drop and a bit of a 'touch up' by the policewoman because the security barrier beeped. I'm not kidding when I say 'touch up' she touched my cleavage and my ... parts. It was the most wierdest thing I've experianced and slightly embarassing.
Anyway we had lunch at this Chinese food take-away shop called "YamYam". Seriously amazing food. I had Udon (rice noodles) with Hoi Sin Beef. ORGASM. You have not yet lived your life properly if you've not eaten them.



How delicious does that look? Also don't you think it looks really cute in the little boxes? Hehehee. I really want some more now.

Anyway, we arrived in Nice. I came out and whoosh! the heat just slammed in your face and the humidity was ... sticky. It felt nice though. It reminded me of Philippines. Anyway it took quite a long way to get to Menton, which is where the apartment we rented out was in, but it was quite worth it. It was all hill-y and we had to go into tunnels alot but we passes Monaco and Monte Carlo. I looked down (because we were on top of a mountain) and saw a port, with many yachts and boats and a massive hotel. It looked so posh! If "posh" and "rich" had an image, this is what I'd imagine it to be. A massive hotel with a port at the back to hold massive yachts and as if it couldn't get any better, at the other side of this mini hill of rock a gigantic cruise ship came into view! It was called "Ruby Princess".

Sigh. When I'm older I'm going to indulge myself in lavish yachts and Five-star-Hotels.

Anyway, I want to quickly tell you about this hot guy! I seriously think I might love him. LOL over-dramatic, but I'm not kidding when I say he's hot.
We went down to eat in this little restaurant, I don't know the name, and this waiter guy served us. I looked at him and thought... Holy Shit. COME IN MY BED!

He looked like Puck from glee, except without the mohawk and his hair was slightly died blonde against his slightly tan-ish skin. I will try to get a picture. My mission for the rest of the holiday.
Gotta rest, decided I'm taking a morning walk tomorrow, past the restaurant he worked in. I'm gunno be there early. Good night.

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